Tony Bennett Totally Hopes Nicki Minaj Is Over Her Giant Beehive Phase

Nicki Minaj’s and Tony Bennett’s seat cards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.
Photo: John Shearer/Wireimage

It’s no secret that Video Music Awards nominee and presenter Nicki Minaj changes wigs like she changes outfits—A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. We honestly can’t even count the number of hairpieces she’s worn—in one weekend alone (going from curly cotton candy pink beehive to heavy-banged blonde Barbie wig to a cameo-spotted green and blue ’do). So, our imaginations ran wild when the VMA seating cards revealed that LEGEND Tony Bennett was placed right behind the tonsorial wild card. The biggest question remains: Will it be high or wide? Nicki’s hair is serious style business, people. Let’s check out some plausible silhouettes. ALSO, let’s not forget that a window-like cutout could also make an appearance. One never knows.

Nicki Minaj’s huge hair!
Photo: Getty Images

HIGH HAIR: Nicki went through (possibly is STILL going through?) a beehive-Frankenstein hair phase that defies odds. The odds being, well, gravity. She stacked up her curls in all sorts of sharp shapes, but our favorite by FAR is the half-green, half-blonde diamond wig on the far right. Tips for Tony: Sir, given what we know about the compactness of her beehives (historically), you can peer around the closely cut sides of her head. You’ll be golden.

Nicki Minaj’s huge hair!
Photo: Getty Images

WIDE HAIR: Nicki doesn’t always pile her curls up into a nice pile; sometimes she just let’s them go wild! In both of these curly bobs, the frizz is turned up 100 percent for an ’80s glam look that we love. Tips for Tony: BOOM. You don’t need to worry at all. The stadium seating has got you covered. See, we thought of everything!


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