The Situation Does Day-To-Night Blazers 'Jersey Shore'-Style

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino transitions his outfit from day to night.
Photo: Getty Images

We know you're still getting over the emotional tilt-a-whirl catharsis that was last night's episode of Jersey Shore. You're probably deeply concerned about our boy Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino—both because of his provocation of Ronnie and [SPOILER ALERT if you're not caught up yet!!!] that closing shot of him being carried away on a stretcher and in a neck restraint. BUT FEAR NOT! Just take a quick little glance at the side-by-side above and let out a deep sigh of relief. Sitch was photographed yesterday looking suave as ever, rocking TWO blazered ensembles in one day!

Mike, here, illustrates perfectly the practice of dressing for day to night, employing the same basic outfit formula (top + bottom + third piece + select accessories = go-anywhere freshness), but he changes up textures and hues to reflect the time of day. When the sun's out, his guns are (surprisingly, actually) shielded from the UV rays beneath an immaculate sharp white blazer and a two-tone gradiated graphic tee. On the bottom, some tastefully edgy distressed black jeans and pristine metal-plated sneakers. The Situation transitions his look to a night of fist-pumping and letting ladies ogle his now-infamous abdominals by switching to a lower-cut white tee (very "I'm with the band"), an evening-appropriate sateen blazer with a skinny lapel, and stone-washed dark denim plus the same necklace, shades, and kicks for earlier in the day. Economical and stylish!


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