Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wears A Perfect T-Shirt While (Perfectly) Covering Nirvana

Joseph Gordon-Levitt covering Nirvana's "Lithium."
Photo: Courtesy of Jimerlin's Youtube Channel

As he starts off his set, Joseph Gordon-Levitt douses himself in a bottle of water, so he sits there with his guitar, glistening and sweaty. Excuse us, but to continue, we ALSO have to douse ourselves with water. Because we need a cold shower. So many cold showers.

There has been this blood-pressure-raising trend recently of really hot dudes doing really cool things. First Ryan Gosling proves he is a super-hero. And Bradley Cooper demonstrates his ability to speak other languages. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt not only is stealing our hearts in the most talked-about movie of all time, The Dark Knight Rises as the enigmatic John Blake, but he's also really really cool. And he makes his cultural savvy clear, beautifully covering Nirvana's "Lithium." His project HITrecord is all about recording and sharing music videos, and I think I speak for all women with eyeballs when I say there is no better accessory on a dude than a guitar. But JGL demonstrates, right here, what may be the most important article of clothing EVER owned by a man: The perfect, unflappable, undisputed T-shirt.

What makes a tee so good? It's just cotton, you say. It might be a simple American Apparel or Hanes offering, but there are a couple of things that Joe is demonstrating that should be written on a tablet somewhere and cast as the new casualwear commandments. Firstly, the length of the shirt: Imagine, if you will, JGL raising his arms. We'd catch a little bit of stomach, but nothing serious. It covers the belt-line but isn't overtly long. Secondly, sleeve positioning is right above the first bicep bulge. It is fitted but also has some movement so it's all masculine (but still hints at the lean man-arm underneath). Last, softness factor. Too worn or weathered and it looks like a guy is trying too hard to be "relaxed." But here we have a well-loved (but also well-preserved) tee, and it's making us, to be frank, a little wobbly.

Look, Joe's close-cropped hair and awesome suit game is not to be trifled with. Someone (Hollywood?) raised this boy right. But one must remember, he is the long-haired nerd from "Third Rock" and does make music and plays the de facto first song anyone learns on the guitar. (Wait, "Come As You Are" is also a staple.) While his voice is more "lovely" than Kurt's gruff growl, he humbly admits that the songs "are f****** awesome." And then he makes our hearts hurt with the "YEAAAAAAAHHHHHs" at the end.

Also, his eyebrows are out of this world. I hope to see them up close one day.

{via Jezebel}


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