JWOWW And Her Hat Is Your Jersey Shore Style Champ Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 4)

JWOWW is your Jersey Shore Style Champ of the night.
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Whoa guys. Whoa. Jersey Shore was a major rollercoaster of emotions tonight, but let us clearly point out that nothing took us through the range of feelings, real legitimate feelings, like the ups and downs of JWOWW's big floppy hat. First, alarm. Why did she pick choose such a major hat? Then, like the girls, some disgust. That hat is too big! Followed by admiration. Maybe, like her shopping partners, we didn't understand Italian fashion like Jenni claims. In the end, we fell into acceptance and appreciation, letting the hat in all its floppiness was over us. Which is why Jenni "JWOWW" Farley is our Jersey Shore Style Champ for tonight. In case you didn't know, now you do: for each Italy episode, we here at MTV Style use our unimpeachably awesome sartorial judgment to select the best JS style moments of Pauly D., Snooki, The Situation, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Deena and JWOWW, and deem a SINGLE housemate the episode winner.

We factor: the amount the roommates make fun of the housemate in question, how much they go ahead and rock their gear with pride anyway, and the way in which each meat head prevails at the end of the episode. And now that we know that JWOWW's Italian fashion game is on lock, she is the Season 4, Episode 4 style champ. Because without risk and danger of hat-related injury, there is no reward...

JWOWW italy

JWOWW has a sensible adventuring outfit.

This episode is all about making changes and taking risks. Ron and Sammi are trying a new relationship. Deena and Snooki are rethinking their work ethic. And JWOWW flounces around Italy wearing eye-seeringly catchy hot pink pumps and an already pretty real-deal widebrimmed topper. As you do, on cobble streets, in the day time. Which is why Snooki might be the most colorful, but our girl Jenni always brings the glam.

To the shock of the others, JWOWW tries on a hat.

Here it is y'all. The hat. First of all, she already had on a pretty serious hat. But this one. Well, Sammi says, "That's too much." And then Snooki offers her harsh criticism by telling JWOWW she "looks like an idiot." And Jenni retorts, without missing a beat, "You guys don't understand Italian fashion." Heck yeah. Lay the floppy hat smack DOWN.


At the Sunday dinner in Sunday attire.

See. I like this. The girls decide to dress up like "they're from Yonkers" for Sunday dinner. Even Sammi got involved. They had accents, they wore red, they even had floppy hats. And then JWOWW shows up like, "Wait. This is my party you guys. Didn't you know?" And the house is silent, crying, out of respect for the East Coast/mafia wife/Italian wedding guest that is JWOWW's all-pink (pale, not neon! Our girl is so grown!) get up.


JWOWW goes shopping with Ronnie.

And because she's playing the guru for the evening, laying on her wisdom to Ron, Deena and Pauly, we let her try on this crazy Italian street mask. We like it for her, even though she ended up putting it down in order to help Ron shop for Sammi. Like the true style champ she is, she helps pick out clothing Sammi will like. And of course, she scores. Duh x 3.

Want to know who’ll GTL-it better than the rest? Come back here Thursday night to see who’ll get named the next Jersey Shore Style Star. It’ll blow your mind. And ours.




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