Joe Jonas Talks Britney Spears' Style, Milan Fashion Week And VMAs In 'Bigger Than The Buzz'

Joe Jonas guests on 'Bigger Than The Buzz'.
Photo: MTV

Sweet mother of Mickey Mouse. Howww can some singular human being be so EPICALLY adorable?! Riddle me that, world. I'd really like to know. Because Joe Jonas in his slick little graphic v-neck tee, scruffy chin, and gently smiling eyes doing a guest stint on MTV Buzzworthy's "Bigger Than The Buzz" is sending all my cuteness-reading meters off the CHARTS.

Not only is the Jo Bro with the best eyebrows a total dreamboat, he's a hottie who cares about our numba one topic of choice: FASHUN. Our friends at Buzzworthy quiz Joe on his tour with Britney Spears asking, among other things, what the one thing he'd swipe from Brit would be. He could have said, "Her set list!" or "Definitely one of those fancy headsets" or "A lock of her hair!" (JK about that last one). But no. Joe said he would snag Britney's giant red feather boa. SAUCY! He talks Milan Fashion Week and the pressures of wearing "sweaters to look cool even on a hot day." He gives James Montgomery props for his boat shoes and doles out sage advice like "Fashion hurts." (FINALLY, a man who understands what draws us into our love/hate relationship with HEELS!)

He talks about the VMAs where he's presenting an award (sidenote: at this point, our minds began to spin out of control with flurries of Simon Spurr and John Varvatos), AND reminded us that he's performing at mtvU's VMA Concert to Benefit Lifebeat - Music Fights HIV concert with Cobra Starship and Miguel. Yes, ladies, a benefit concert. Meaning Joe isn't just another pretty face (oh-so pretty... like it was sculpted out of granite in the likeness of a Greek god); he ALSO has a heart of gold. *love-laden sigh*


Bigger Than The Buzz: Episode 5 -- Whaddya Know, Joe?, Yay VMA, Chro-Me-"Ohh!"

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