We Love Demi Lovato's Instagram Fashion

Demi Lovato does boho glam.
Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato

Guys, it's official. Instagram is OFFICIALLY a trend. The photography app, still in its mobile software infancy, barely out of its hospital-issued swaddlings, has been adopted as an everyday THANG for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and NOW even Sel's bestie from the sandbox, the beautiful and oh-so stylish Demi Lovato! And we don't know about y'all, but it's this kind of stuff that makes us here at MTV Style want to stand up and exclaim a resounding PRAISE BE. A visceral outburst of unbridled gratitude for these technological developments, and so much hope that the practice of uploading vaguely hipster photos of your life (PLUS crazy awesome outfits) is embraced by many more fashionable celebs to come. Our appetites whet by Selena's shopping trips and Bieber's insane hat game, we're beside ourselves with joy in anticipation of what fashion gems Demi's feed holds in store! And I think it's pretty fair to say that if you open up someone's feed and they're staring you down with a triple-dose of headband, a furry jacket, capital-E Expertly sculpted brows, black lips, and SO MUCH Tyra-approved smize action as THIS, you're definitely in for a real fash treat.

Demi hangin' with Sebastian Mosley.
Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato

Demi is what we like to call (and totally envy) a natural beauty. Even in the studio, laying down tracks, doing work, she's absolutely stunning. Her tousled raven waves and barely-there blush work in total aesthetic harmony with a paisley print boho blouse, a few long delicate chains, and a fistful of rings.

Band tee + puppy = AWW.
Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato

You just KNOW Demi has the heart of a rocker when even in her downtime, she opts to get comfy in a vintage AC/DC tee (axes blazing and EVERYTHING) rather than a frilly tank or a velour sweatsuit with rhinestones on the butt. Plus, like, what? You're not wearing makeup and look like the cover of a magazine?? *whiiiiine* #jealous

And a Jeffrey Campbell fan, too?!
Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato

This image almost doesn't need commentary. You KNOW how we feel about Jeffrey Campbell!! AND they're glitter?! Oh, girl. *around the world SNAP*

Glitter manis rule.
Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato

Demi, can we please be friends? I just...I look at this picture, and imagine us getting matching pointy metallic manicures together, wearing felt hats and feather earrings and gobs of heavy metal jewelry and glittery makeup. That's all.

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