Snooki Talks About Her Style 'Revolution,' Possible Clothing Line, And More On Twitter

Snooki Book SigningSnooki Tweet

We'll be the first to admit we get a wee little stalkery when it comes to Snooki. BUT to be fair, she makes following her incredibly easy. The Jersey Shore star constantly tweets about her amazing outfits, what she's doing that day, or—if we're lucky—fashion news! Last night Snooks hinted at something she called the "Guidette Book" in which she talks about her iconic look becoming a "style revolution," and said she'd release some mega news about it today (and also told us to "hold onto our bronzer." Oh, we are. TIGHT.), but at this time she's said nothing more than: "My biggest nightmare is waking up pale. Or without eyelashes." Well, OK, then! (Cue photoshopping and retoning. What if Snooki were PALE?!) After this horrendous thought, Snooks decided to have a impromptu Twitter Q&A session, thanks this rainy NYC afternoon. Of course we followed it oh-so-closely, and she dropped some mega style news!

Snooks! Doing fashion! Kind of a no-brainer, as she's already done flip-flops, perfume, sunglasses, and slippers, so it's the next logical step, right? And THEN, we hope she makes a children's clothing line called Baby Meatballs. AWWWW.

Well, just...just look at the top photo. Snooki is rocking a bright nude lip AND bright blue eyes. Girl sticks to her word! Although, we'd probably die if she tried the dark-lip trend for fall. Goth Snooki? YES, PLEASE.

Adding more fodder to the "Snooki Stuff We Already Know" file, she tweeted how much she loves animal print (we've got proof), but she STILL doesn't know what's she's going to wear to the Video Music Awards this weekend. *sadface* When someone asked her, she tweeted "No idea. F*k my life." Aw, Snooks. You'll look great in WHATEVER you wear! We're guessing something short, sparkly, and VERY Sherri Hill. Yes? Yes.

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