Alicia Silverstone And Paul Rudd Do NY Chic In Matching Black Blazers

Cher and Josh, now and then.
Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd were reunited at a recent screening of Rudd's new movie Our Idiot Brother in New York, and the interwebs were ABLAZE with "OMG, IT'S CHER AND JOSH!" reunion sentiments. If you can believe this (and/or aren't too young to realize that what I'm about to type makes my fingertips shake with sweet granny decrepitude), it's been 16 YEARS since Clueless charmed our then young (sniffle) selves with its Southern Cali brand of clever, teen-beat glamour. It's kind of crazy to think that Cher and Josh—er, Alicia and Paul—have grown up to become respected working actors (and sad that we will never see what the adorable "rolling with my homies" Brittany Murphy might have continued to create). Still, I can't help but stare at these photos longingly until my eyes glaze over and send me into a hypnotic trance; in fact, it's AS IF what I'm staring at is ACTUALLY Cher and Josh 16 years later...

Thus, fast-forward to now, 2011. Cher and Josh are in their mid-thirties and living in Tribeca. (Seriously, just look at the photo of the two of them together in all of that black suiting and tell me that's NOT what you see!) Josh has given up his lawyering to run a small-press publishing company in Brooklyn. Cher's self-started law firm specializing in "fashion defense and style fraud" has become a sensation. The two are downtown royalty, often splitting their time between dinner parties with neighbors Bey-Bey and Jay or on playdates with Gwynnie and Chris. Whoa, did we just type PLAYDATES? Y'all, Cher and Josh have twins! Little MELanie and Tai (named after their dearly departed friend who perished in a mysterious tanning salon incident while on vacation on the illustrious Jersey Shore) are the sparkle in their mom's Chanel Beauté eye shadow. In fact, it was during a rather difficult pregnancy ("As IF I'm going out shopping while I'm seven months pregnant!") that Cher came up with the idea for an online boutique selling ready-to-wear designer children's clothes directly to your home. ("Baby clothes are WAY drab, Dionne. Our babies need sweet-chic!") Her simple idea became an empire that later gave way to streamlined, monochromatic Calvin Klein basics mixed with the occasional pair of Alaïa platform boots inspired by Cher's adopted New York home.

Just stare at that photo above for long enough and you can see this, right? I mean, that's CHER and JOSH in all their downtown, black-clad, sophisticated finery! You just know Josh rides a bike and carries a Jack Spade messenger bag on his way to work. Can't you see Cher opening her first store decked out in Balmain? Can't you imagine her strolling to brunch in the West Village wearing those covetable Isabel Marant hi-top sneaks? Is it just me, or is it IMPERATIVE that someone write CLUELESS TOO? Like, OMG, right now, please.

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