Natali Germanotta To Team With Sister Lady Gaga For 'Normal' Fashion Line?

Lady Gaga Fashion Line

Natali Germanotta and Lady Gaga at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Last week, Natali Germanotta (the sister of Stefani Germanotta, or for anyone not eating/living/breathing Monster-ism, Lady Gaga) teased the fact that she would be making stage costumes for Broadway. No duh, we thought. Of course, we thought. She's Gaga's sister, we thought. But now the U.K. pub Grazia has juicily added that Natali and her big sister are going to make their own clothing line.

OK, before you (i.e., we) hyperventilate and fall onto the ground in a jittery coma, we need to introduce calm and ration into this claim: People loooove guessing what celebrities will design clothing. Rumors fly. A person tweets they saw Katy Perry in a fabric store, and suddenly you hear claims she's the next Betsey Johnson. (Note: WE DID NOT SEE KATY PERRY IN A FABRIC STORE. No rumors started here.) That being said: We'd bet this claim holds a bit of water.

Fact: Natali Germanotta is a fashion student. Fact: Gaga is super-close to her family, and a chance to collaborate with a beloved would mean a lot to her. Fact: Via the Haus of Gaga, she has all the resources at her spiked fingertips. *Turns lamp to face* The evidence is irrefutable. And while Mugler as seen through Nicola Formichetti was thought to be Gaga-wear, her partnership with her sister sounds a little less cutting edge. Yup. Though Grazia has yet to name their sources, the paper says that it’ll be "relatively normal and wearable," and inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. Relatively normal, you say? No hat beard? No shower curtains? If there aren't any shower curtains, we aren't interested. (Kidding. We've just sent the production assistants over to Parsons The New School to stalk Natali. No restraining orders this time, guys!)

{Via Grazia}

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