Just Announced: Beyonce Set To Perform At The VMAs! What Will She Wear?

Beyonce VMA Performance Outfits

Beyoncé in performance outfits.
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Our pain is your pleasure, because while we are breaking our backs to bring you the most immediate, heart-racing and water-cooler-ready fodder OF ALL TIME, you’ll be sitting back and enjoying a parade of divas so ground-shaking that we are slightly worried about knocking the Earth off its axis. First we announced Britney Spears, whose VMA performances are the stuff of which legends are made. Then we revealed Lady Gaga will open the show, which will probably make your eyes bleed with joy. And now we’re letting you know that we’ve got Miss Queen B herself, Beyoncé Knowles, as a 2011 VMA performer. (In some cultures, uttering those three names in one breath will grant you wishes. FACT.)

Certainly we’ll be up 'til all hours covering these fashion icons, so we figured we’d get a jump on it and start guessing what Miss Bey will be rocking for the 2011 VMAs. In order to make judicial guesses, we’ve looked back in VMA history—while considering what Miss Bey’s been shaking her stuff in recently. Our onstage guess? PRECIOUS METALS. The kind that would make Spanish explorers pant for all its glittery glory. But what makes Beyoncé's onstage attire so interesting is that, while we know it will explode our eyes with her earth-goddess amazingness, we have no idea from whence it will come.

For the 2009 Video Music Awards, Beyoncé put all of New York in danger with her fierce rendition of "Single Ladies", wearing her then-standard single metal glove and a gem-encrusted bodysuit. However, the Beyoncé of 2009 (squee! We were such babies then!) was way more architectural than the fluid and tousled Bey of today. Example: Her Glastonbury outfit. While it wasn't exactly an exercise in a "baggy fit," the lovely deep plunge Alexandre Vauthier belted ensemble seemed more organic than her '09 onesie from the future. Our poor jaws were bruised after the amount of times that outfit caused them to hit the floor.

In keeping with her sensual gold theme, just this past week Beyoncé passionately played to a smaller crowd in New York City (If you want to die of jealousy and then be resurrected just to die again, check out the amazing concert review of Beyoncé's performance), in a cascading-off-her-body sequined gold mini dress. Our fashion dogs have been deployed to sniff out the designer, but if we were to guess, we'd say it was her momma, Tina Knowles, who created that gorgeous look.

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet

Beyoncé at the 2009 VMAs, 2007 VMAs, and 2006 VMAs.
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Beyoncé is all show-womanship and performance onstage, but when it comes to her red carpet looks, she's quite the put-together lady. Opting for more traditional designers like Roberto Cavalli (who designed her 2009 red, heart-racing frock) to more emerging designers like Ralph & Russo (a duo she wore to meet the prez), she runs the gamut like she runs the world. In 2007, she wore a gorgeous, leggy Reem Acra goddess dress (in gold, her fave color obviously). And when she walked the red carpet in 2006, Bey once again chose metals, sequins, and glitter for her body-hugging mini—a creation, we'd guess, of her mother Tina.

Bottom line: What is Bey going to rock to the VMAs? It could be anything, from an edgy Brit like Gareth Pugh to a vavoom-quotient-lifting designer like Dolce & Gabbana. She might even shout-out her mom. But we are definitely certain it'll be a megawatt look, as golden and glittery as the pop star herself.

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