Selena Gomez Wants Her Fans To Help Her Invent A New Perfume

Selena Gomez looking lovely and showing a fan some love.
Photo: Getty Images

Selena Gomez is still hard at work on her glittery fantasia concert tour, but that hasn't stopped her from multitasking AND putting the fans first. Miss Gomez recently told WWD that she's developing a fragrance to share with her fans that will be "romantic, rich, and sweet." Also? She wants her fans to vote on what they want it to smell like. So, technically, you'll be wearing a Selena Gomez scent, but in actuality you'll also be wearing YOUR SCENT. Um, how awesome is that?!

Later this fall, (which, we have to say, has one of the loveliest photos of Selena we've ever seen, complete with smoky eyes, blue nails, and a white dress) will allow you to vote on key notes and ingredients. The most popular choices will all go into the mixing of the final scent. (Vanilla? Rose? Essence d'Bieber?) Also, Selena being Selena—aka INCREDIBLE to her fans—will give away free samples of the fragrance to the first 50,000 who sign up and will award one person the chance to tour the lab with her. How cool would it be to walk around with Selena G just spritzin' and sniffin' the fragrance YOU CREATED TOGETHER while chuckling over how it's totally gonna outsell Someday? How your amazing new fragrance smells NOTHING like a department store ice cream sundae? We kid (seriously, we want that sundae)! But, still, this all smells pretty sweet, right?

{via WWD and Just Jared Jr.}

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