Taylor Kitsch Cut Off His Signature Hair!

Taylor Kitsch got a shocking new haircut.
Photo: Getty Images

If you're a fan of Friday Night Lights, then you're undoubtedly a fan of Taylor Kitsch and his beloved character, Tim Riggins; in fact, the words "TIM RIGGINS" are probably a permanent part of your vocabulary. Like, you stub your toe and you find yourself screaming, "Ow, TIM RIGGINS!" Or perhaps you hear someone say the number 33 and you remember the same number on the back of Tim's football jersey and think, "Ahhh, Tim Riggins." Well, now that Mr. Kitsch appears to have completely ERASED the Tim Riggins signature feature (aka his unruly long hair), we wonder if we'll ever be able to look at him again and sigh those two special words under our breath in a way that may or may not be borderline inappropriate. Has the time come for us to replace "TIM RIGGINS" with "TAYLOR KITSCH"?

Judging by these new photos taken at the Disney D23 expo, where he talked about playing the title role in the upcoming sci-fi western John Carter, our guess might have to be yes. But only because TIM RIGGINS' hair is still alive and well (and dancing upon the breeze) in this film. We're guessing he cut it for his upcoming role in the new Oliver Stone movie Savages, costarring Blake Lively, so you know we may have to boycott that movie (KIDDING, we'll be first in line for tickets, obvs). Honestly, even though TIM RIGGINS—we mean TAYLOR, geez—looks totally different with these new close-cropped locks, we think it makes him look a bit older and perhaps more suited to his bourgeoning leading-man status. But still, there's really no chance this is a wig, right?

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