New York Punk Classic Trash And Vaudeville Takes Us Back To School

Trash and Vaudeville opened in 1975 and has been serving up rock-and-roll realness ever since. Born out of the 1970s rock and punk scene on St. Mark's Place in New York City, the store prides itself on providing a variety of alternative fashions for everyone from rockers to punks, goths, rappers, and pop starlets, to the everyday working class hero who just wants to walk on the wild side in some leopard pants.

I was introduced to Trash and Vaudeville when I first moved to the city and it's been a staple in my life and wardrobe ever since. When you step into Trash and Vaudeville you'll instantly feel at home, and Jimmy—the manager and buyer—will make sure of it. Jimmy Webb, or Jimmy from Trash and Vaudeville (his official name), was the first person to help me out and the person to sell me my first pair of leopard-print pants. "You can go a size down," he told me, as I'm squeezing into my animal-print second skin. If there is one thing this man's EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING in that store.

As you can see from our video tour, he's MAJOR and if you get the chance to have Jimmy himself or someone on his team hook you up with your back-to-school gear, you should consider yourself blessed. Jimmy has worked with celebs like Lil' Wayne, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Slash, My Chemical Romance, Agyness Deyn, and (his all-time fav) Iggy Pop, just to name a few.

Another reason Trash is so amazing is that they're THE retailer with the largest selection of TrippNYC, a street fashion brand based out of the East Village in New York City. While you're there, don't leave without checking out the MTV Moonman in the front case...and try on some clothes in my personal fitting room, the leopard one. (Kidding! It's not ACTUALLY mine, but, is "mine" because that's the only one I try my clothes on in. You know?)


(Left to Right)

T Back Jeans in Red/Black Checker: These jeans have been through A LOT, from dye to bleach, and they deserve to be a part of your fall wardrobe.

Splatter Jeans in Yellow Plaid: Plaid is huge this fall and will never go out of style. We love this edgy take on a classic pattern.

Ezy Rider Vest: It's all about the flag print this fall, and what better way to show your love for your country? Wear it over something or wear it alone.

(Left to Right)

T Back Jeans in Purple/Orange Leopard. LEOPARD. Need I say more?

Split Skinny Jeans in Leopard/Black: These are AMAZING. They're also available in black/red and black/white but, uh...why would you want anything other than black/leopard?!

Vinyl Pants in Red: These classic pants are never gonna stop and Jimmy says he can't keep them in stock. This season they're available in red, turquoise, purple, and, of course, black. No matter the temperature outside, it's never too hot for vinyl pants. Just ask Lil' Wayne.

(Left to Right)

Jimmy's Favorite Sweater! Rag Strip Sweater in Black: It's definitely a statement piece...statement being..."I'm cold but this sweater is so cool I don't give a s*** that it's ripped up."

The Bumflap Bondage Pants: Recognize these pants? No? Well, have you ever seen the Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" video?!?! You know you have, and you know you were sweatin' the dancers' looks. I know I was.

English Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Black: EVERYONE NEEDS A LEATHER and THIS is the ultimate. It's that one item that every badass (including Jared Leto) MUST HAVE in order to retain your Badass Card.


Back To School With Trash And Vaudeville


Dream Client/Shopper:

Everyone. I like being part of a big thing no matter who it is. I treat everyone the same when they come into the store...I want to make people feel like a star.

Guilty Pleasure:

I don't feel guilty about anything. It's all pleasure.

Favorite Ice Cream:

Life is like Baskin Robbins; you gotta taste all 31 flavors and I'm still tasting.

Astrological Sign:


Pet Peeve:

Dishonesty and disrespect. There are no shortcuts in life.

Favorite Season for Fashion:

Summer. Everyone's naked.

Can't-Live-Without Accessory:

I don't have a favorite. I sleep in all my jewelry.

Favorite Brand of Shoes:

I don't have a favorite but I'm always wearing Chucks. You gotta have Chucks.

Favorite Spot in New York:

Trash and Vaudeville

Style Icon:

Iggy Pop. He's the truth.