Ryan Gosling Is A Superhero In A Muscle-Baring Striped Tank (Literally)

Ryan Gosling breaks up a fight in New York City.
Photo: Courtesy of queenofpinups YouTube channel/Getty Images

We ALL know Ryan Gosling is a megababe. Like, he's so far off in a league of his own that he can even wear a pajama shirt out in public and all women will still maniacally start crying at the mere mention of his name. I mean, the guy can't help it. He's got the looks, he's got the charm, and MOST IMPORTANT—he's got the style. (OK, FIIIIINEEE. His rockin' bod is PRETTY DARN important too.) But what happened the other day basically threw him off the charts. No one can EVER. COME. CLOSE. To Mr. Gosling's attractiveness after what a girl accidentally caught on camera in New York City the other day.

So, let's set up the scene. Two dudes are fighting in the middle of the street in NYC. (Typical.) They're playing tug-o-war over a painting (less typical) and while a girl is filming this ridic fight, literally OUT OF NOWHERE Ryan Gosling walks in (REALLY, REALLY not typical). He steps into the quarrel and when he spots this altercation, he immediately tries to break it up (HEART OF GOLD!). Ryan drops his shopping bag (NOT MATERIALISTIC!) and throws his GIANT, THROBBING man muscle of an arm against the perpetrator, who spots Ry Ry's huge guns and throws his hands up in defeat. By some crazy stroke of luck, Ryan decided to wear a striped and nautical-inspired tank the VERY day his bulging biceps would come in handy. THEREFORE, his tank top basically saved the day. Would the story have played out differently if he were wearing a baggy hoodie? YES. You can't see all that rock hard steel beneath layers of cotton, people. Pure brawn speaks louder than any words you could POSSIBLY say to these angry gentleman, and for THAT, we should all give a nice, HUGE round of applause to Ryan Gosling's tank top. It saved the day AND gave us a nice show of what those bad boys can do. Also, please note he's wearing cuffed sweatpants. CUFFED. How chic! [Ed. Note: Also, trainers with what appears to be no socks, like he just rolled up out the house to save the day. Die.]

{via Thought Catalog}

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