Zombie Boy Rick Genest Poses With Male Model Andrej Pejic For Auslander

Zombie Boy Rick Genest and transgendered model Andrej Pejic for Auslander fall 2011.
Photo: Made In Brazil

Lady Gaga's favorite tattooed and shaved Zombie Boy (you know, the one she undulated with in her super hot "Born This Way" video) is not only an MTV Style favorite, but he's now a fully legit model. He's landed magazine covers and headlined runways, so it's no surprise that the head-turner has nabbed himself campaign. However, his model-in-crime is almost as surprising as Rick's own tattooed visage.

Ok, for those of you that don't follow fashion obsessively, Andrej Pejic was just featured as the "it"-model on New York Magazine, which asked "Is This The Prettiest Boy In The World?" Pejic is gender-ambiguous, walking women's runways with the sort of doe-like waifishness and sensuality fledgling models merely dream of. He's got the thin and bird-like bone structure, the bee-stung lips and, of course, an otherworldly beauty that, like Zombie Boy, allows him to look entirely unique...even though he is modeling in a totally normal and familiar manner.

Rick Genest for Auslander fall 2011.
Photo: Made In Brazil

The pairing, shot in Brazil by Marcelo Krasilcic and for the Brazilian clothing label Auslander, isn't particularly noteworthy at first glance. Rick/Zombie does silly boy modeling poses in a relatively normal black hat, a chambray shirt and pretty typical, summer house-worthy pair of slip-on boat shoes. His tattoos, it appears, are an afterthought.

Andrej Pejek

Andrej Pejic for Auslander fall 2011.
Photo: Made In Brazil

Andrej's gender ambiguity isn't even alluded to in the campaign, and only fashion insiders would know that the lovely gamine that poses in a onesie wasn't quite a gal—though, with nails that fierce, he shames any beauty routine we've ever maintained.

Rick Genest and Andrej Pejic for Auslander.
Photo: Made In Brazil

Having alternative interpretations of beauty are nothing new (just ask Alexander McQueen) on the runway (where it's easy to be weird or experimental), but seeing two "cutting edge", boundary-blurring faces land a full-on campaign is a pleasant surprise, even if it is in Brazil. What's even more interesting is that their "freakiness" isn't even made a central focus of the ads: they just look like two beautiful people wearing nice clothes and that's just how it is.

{Via Made In Brazil}

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