The Best Too-Cool Back To School Shoes: Flats Edition!

Pixie Lott, Jessica Szohr, and Naya Rivera wear flat shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

We don't have to tell you that shoes can make or break an outfit. It's a proven FACT that you can snazz up any basic black dress or jeans and t-shirt combo with some killer shoes. Oh, and we're not talking crazy, billion-inches tall platform killer either, we're talking FLAT killer as in menswear-inspired oxfords, loafers, or slipper shoes. Not only are these shoes more comfortable for your morning commute (i.e. walking to homeroom or across campus), they're guaranteed to up the style factor of absolutely ANYTHING you're wearing. Dresses? Check. Jeans? Double-check. Kicky uniform skirts and tights? You better believe it! Seriously, these shoes go with everything.

Even though sartorial style-slayer Alexa Chung has been rocking the lace-up flat shoe look for eons, we love that Pixie Lott wears them all the time, too, especially with feminine skirts and shorts and tights. Gossip Girl's Jessica Szhor broke all the fashion rules by pairing her pointy black oxfords with a cocktail dress (super cute), and Naya Rivera went for the dressing-up-denim option (we told you it works!) by pairing her jeans with two-tone loafers (LOVE). Thus, MTV Style has chosen our favorite flat shoes—from creepers and oxfords to rad slip-ons—to kick your back-to-school style into the fast (yet comfortable) lane.


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