Get Vinny's Young & Reckless Graphic Tee For Under $25

Vinny looking fresh in a Young & Reckless tee.
Photo: Getty Images/Tilly's

We'll be the first to admit that Vinny's got some SERIOUS style game. I mean, have you SEEN those purple skinny jeans he wore in the Jersey Shore Season 4 cast photos?! Amazing. We can't imagine The Situation or Ronnie sporting those bad boys ANYTIME soon, so when we spotted the ol' Vinster the other day in a relaxed yet put together look, we couldn't help but take some style notes! Killer Converse sneaks? Check. Fresh-to-death hat? Check. Relaxed fit dark jeans? Check. Awesome graphic tee? DOUBLE CHECK. There are T-shirts, and then there are TEE. SHIRTS. Vinny kept the rest of his ensemble simple and let this bold graphic (and under $25!) "Stay Young" tee do, um, literally all the talking. (He's repping being one of the youngest yet POSSIBLY most stylish members of the Jersey Shore house, obvs.)

The best part about this tee isn't even the fact that it looks dope with almost anything, but that it's made by our old friend Chris "Drama" Pfaff at Young & Reckless! Remember when we stopped by Drama's (aka Rob's personal assistant from Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory) L.A. studio and he spilled alllll the beans about launching his streetwear clothing line? Yeah, well, WE DO. And it was AWESOME. He managed to spread streetwear far beyond the big cities and into smaller towns where there are less options for guys who want to cop this look. Luckily, in his effort to expand his brand, celebs also started to take note of this skate culture wear, just like Vinny. But we have to say, there's nothing that puts a bigger smile on our face than seeing two people in the MTV family supporting each other AND making each other look fly as HECK while doing it.

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