Justin Bieber's Instagram Photos Showcase Hat Game

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber pose for Instagram.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

Not to be outdone by girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber proves he can ALSO bring it to the fashion table in his Instagram pics. While Selena's photos shine (literally) with sparkly stage performance outfits and glossy pink-lipped beauty shots, The Biebs fills his feed with bold colors, hats, and gallons of #swag. In a tomato red flat-brim, JB snaps a shot while giving his lady candy a knowing glance—"I see your hoop earrings, girl, but do they take up a third of the frame like this here scarlet chapeau?? Yeeeaaaa, that's what I thought."

Justin Bieber snaps a one-armed passenger seat shot.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

It's clear Justin has no shortage of headgear. He switches to a cooler color palette here with this royal blue fitted cap. Even while being mocked in the backseat, The Biebs keeps his cool and locks you in with a serene and somewhat absentminded gaze. Also, lips perfectly crafted by a higher being. If he doesn't come out with a line of girls' lipgloss soon, his management team is REALLY missing out on a lucrative business opp.

Justin Bieber poses with some Chick-fil-A.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

Finally! He's pictured with a hat facing forward! Justin rocks a black TI$A logo flat-brim with matching black hater-blockers and a mouth full of Chick-fil-A, proving you're never too big for a homestyle chicken sandwich and some waffle fries. #NOM

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