Top Style Bloggers Of The Week: Fringe

Raphaelle Fernandez, Elle Ribera, and Camille Co.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Love Your Passion, Opium Poppies, and It's Camille Co.

From bags to shoes to shirts, nothing is left behind when it comes to fringe! The hippie-inspired trend has officially taken over, and we're in LOVE with the simplicity behind the strips of softly-moving fabric. It adds instant movement to any ensemble and can be sported in an endless amount of ways. We found three bloggers who weren't afraid to make fringe the main focal point in their outfits for a gorgeous bohemian look that we're dying to try.

Raphaelle Fernandez of Love Your Passion

Blog: Twitter: @raphaelleangela.

Drop-dead-gorgeous fashion blogger Raphaelle from Manila calls this look "Gypsy in the Desert" and, um, no offense, but we don't remember the last time a gypsy looked THIS good. She's wearing a tie-dye fringe tank (THOSE BLOGGERS LOOVEE THEIR TIE-DYE!), cut-off jean shorts, knee-high black socks, black patent pumps, an Urban Outfitters turban, and an amazeballs snake arm cuff.

Elle Ribera of Opium Poppies


NYC-based blogger Elle looks simply beautiful in her neutral Topshop crocheted tank, American Apparel shorts, and Rebecca Minkoff purse ensemble. But HOLLYYY COW, ELLE. That hair. That lilac-to-white hair! With a flower garland around it! We were SO JEALOUS when we saw this look, but then we discovered those lust-worthy locks were actually a wig! WHEW. I guess we all can cop this look after all without all that dying and COMMITMENT. Lawd KNOWS we hate that. ;)

Camille Co of It's Camille Co

Blog: Twitter: @itscamilleco.

When Camille's not looking like an absolutely precious little doll (seriously, flawless much?), she's actually a fashion designer! Not like it's a SURPRISE or anything, because her ensemble is to die for. For her "casual chic" look, she wore a WAGW blue floral print dress, a crocheted Luvlicious fringe vest (and fringe earrings! Double points!), a turquoise Luvlicious necklace, an assortment of bold stacked bangles, a Holic Accessories chain headpiece (head thong alert!) and Aldo lace-up boots. Perf!


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