10 Awesome Backpacks For Back To School

Back to school backpacks

Pixie Geldof, Rachel Bilson, and Gillian Zinser all rock the back-to-school look.
Photo: All via WireImage

Backpacks are not chic. Or at least they weren't until Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen put a $40K price tag on them. Or Alexander Wang sent heaps of them down the runway. Or trendsetters like Rachel Bilson and Pixie Geldof showed up with them in tow. So, wait. Backpacks are chic, which is rad because it a) means we can carry more than our lipstick and cell phone, b) effectively kills the TEETERING-OVER-MASSIVE-BAG trend of a few years ago, and c) is actually good for our backs (in moderation. But certainly better than the one-strap, over-the-shoulder book bag of yore).

The reality is, your school bag is totally a companion, enduring the same ills, wet days, long nights, and field trips you do. While the double-strapped tote used to be child's play, the new crop of packs have a vintage/retro feel and arrive in every color/trend/vibe you could want. So MTV Style has rounded up the 10 backpacks that'll definitely be worth adding to your wishlist, faster than you can say, "It's September already?!"


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