Snooki Tweets A Sneak Peek Of Her Upcoming Sunglasses Line

Snooki Sunglass

Snooki wears sunglasses from her new line with "Poof Nation" written on them.
Photo: @Sn00ki's Twitter

Snooki. Snookers. Snookalicious. Pull up a chair next to Momma MTV Style for a hot sec. We want some real talk on this road you’re headed down right now, girl. Don’t worry, it isn’t a bad thing. We just...well, we’re beginning to think that you’re poised to be, like, the Jessica Simpson of the Jersey Shore or something! May the fashion gods strike us down with diamond-encrusted lightning bolts if that's a totally blasphemous thing to say, but minus the whole not-starting-out-with-a-record deal thing, your foresight to leverage this reality TV stardom into a career as a designer/businesswoman is very J.Simp-esque. First, it was the faux-sneaker slippers. Then, you expanded your footwear empire to flip-flops and wedges. Just last week, we caught wind of your scent, and now NOW, you’re dishing deets on a line of sunglasses?!

Snooki tweeted a pic of herself showing off a pair from her line, adding that the hot pink text all over the specs reads "POOF NATION." (Sidenote: SQUEE! We're Brunette Mafia girls at heart, y'all.) The graphic peepers have totally whet our appetite, and all we want now is to see the whole line. We have a fever, and the only thing that can cure it is more sunglasses. But the line doesn't launch until fall. *in Snooki whine* MeeeEEEHh.

Overactive imaginations strike again and have our vision clouded by flurries of leopard, studs, chains, neon, pickles, glitter, and extra leopard. With the mini mogul steadily rolling out accessory after accessory, the only uncharted territory left at this point is actual garments, AMIRITE?? Who knows, it could already be in the works! The girl could easily be outfitting Seaside Heights and all the other disciples of the GTL faster than you can fry a pickle.

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