Vinny Proves He Knows How To Use An Electric Razor, Wears A Super Sculpted Faux Hawk

Vinny Guadagnino shaves a guy’s head.
Photo: Getty Images

In case you missed it, there’s an absolutely HI-LARIOUS bonus clip from last week’s Jersey Shore of Vinny trying (key word: trying) to give Ronnie a haircut. He busted out the electric razor to help his roomie out, but SPOILER ALERT: It turns out badly. So bad, in fact, Pauly D walks in mid-razor cut and says, “Why you giving him them bald spots, bro?” Yeah. THAT bad. Ronnie continues to refer to his hair disaster as the “Friar Tuck” cut from then on out, and confines himself to the kitchen and wears nothing but robes for the rest of the time he’s in Italy. OK, that last part was totally made up, BUT we’re betting Vinny feels bad, right? I mean, at least a little? Well, yesterday he was in NYC giving passersby “fresh to death” makeovers and put that razor to use once again. Perhaps to prove that he does, in fact, know how to use clippers effectively? We’ll never know his reason, but let’s just hope this time it turns out a teensy bit better than Ronnie. *crosses fingers*

Vinny Guadagnino holding an electric razor.
Photo: Getty Images

But HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON. Let’s take a step back a second. Haiiii, Vinny. *blushes* YOU’RE looking awfully cute today. We love that little beardy beard you’re growing paired with your gray and white plaid shirt, distressed jeans, and black leather Converse with OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD shoe tongues. (Seriously, look at those bad boys! They’re HUGE!) But what’s atop his head? Usually Vinny sports an evenly shaved ’do, but what do we have here? Is this a faux hawk? If so, this is THE most sculpted faux hawk we have ever seen. It’s, like, a perfect triangle. Like a mini hair pyramid on his skull. It’s AMAZING—he didn’t even have to use hair gel in that thing. And being from the Jersey Shore and NOT using hair gel is like spotting Snooki without a gorilla juice head wrapped around her arm—and we know THAT never happens. Respect, Vinny. RESPECT.

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