Ke$ha Likes To Wear A Necklace Of Human Teeth

Ke$ha at Wireless Festival in London, England, on July 2, 2011.
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Time Out New York recently spoke to Ke$ha about her Get $leazy Tour, and the neon princess opened up about life on the road, her love of counterculture author Tom Robbins, and how she likes to wear human teeth around her neck. OK, WHOA. Hoooold UP. She does what? Aside from the whole reading of lit-er-a-ture, we need to understand this TEETH SITUATION (because it's a situation indeed). Is Ke$ha trying to change up her glitter-grit image? Is this some sort of visual representation of her Cannibal album? (And if it is, color us SCARED.) According to Ke$ha, the answer to these questions is none of the above.

It all started when a fan sent her a tooth, so she made it into a necklace then added a few of her own baby teeth. She tells Time Out, "I would love to wear a piece of my fans' bodies on me." Apparently, it makes her feel grounded (can't really argue with that), so she now collects teeth from her devoted fans and has amassed almost 500. Ke$ha-ites? You are one cray-cray bunch! But we think it's actually touching that Ke$ha wants to relate to her fans in such a interesting way. I mean, it's TEETH from OTHER PEOPLE knocking against her clavicle every day. That's intense.

It seems as if a softer side of Ke$ha is emerging, and we wonder if this will somehow shape her image in the years to come. In the Time Out interview, we expected her to say she spends her tour bus time passed out after her nightly Jack Daniels teeth brushing session. Even though she does admit to a little whiskey indulgence from time to time, she goes on to say that she tries to get in "quiet time and book time" while on tour and is currently reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. She even talks about giving away free tickets to community volunteers in Nashville. Seriously, WHAT is going ON here? What happened to fighting until you see the sunlight, K? What about getting thirsty and drinking boy blood? Something is HAPPENING here. This is starting to get deep. Is Ke$ha becoming an inspiration? A good deed-doing, late night rabble-rousing, tooth fairy INSPIRATION? We don't know about you, but we like it.

{via Time Out}

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