Taylor Momsen Explains How To Get Super Black Eye Shadow On The Road

Taylor Momsen At Lollapalooza

Taylor Momsen in her Lollapalooza outfit, the same one she wore in Tokyo.
Photo: Getty Images

Here's a piece of not-breaking news for anyone who has followed MTV Style for even a nanosecond: Taylor Momsen is a total rocker. Gone are the Gossip Girl days, and gone, so she says, is her acting career. She told Elle Magazine, on her recent trip to Japan, that "I quit acting, actually. I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band and that’s pretty much all I want to do." Well, girl's got a dream, so as much as we might miss Jenny Humphrey, we are psyched to see her pursue her true rock-and-roll calling. That, and never give up her stripper gear.

When speaking with Elle, Taylor gave some halfhearted but legitimately rocker responses to questions most teens love to talk about: what her on-the-road tips are, beauty essentials she can't leave behind, and the one item she can't live without. Pretty straightforward fare, unless you are contrarian Taylor Momsen, and your answers are: stripper boots, dry shampoo, black eye shadow (not far from what she told us). Not just any black eye shadow obviously, but BLACK eye shadow. Tay Tay says she likes Tigi's Bed Head Cyberoptics for its deep abyss-like color, but "If I can’t find it, whatever works, whatever is the blackest eye shadow I can find." We feel you, girl. That glittery stuff or blue blacks just don't cut it (can someone please tell this to liquid liner makers too?). The dry shampoo, she explains, are for the days when touring takes its toll and she can't even shower. And for the stripper boots, well...if it isn't broken, then don't fix it. Plenty of young things Taylor's age shell out absurd amounts for shoes they won't love in a few months, so if Taylor's boots are a no-name brand she finds at adult stores, then more power to her. We just hope she has invested in some in-sole arch supports. #momadvice

{Via Elle Magazine}

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