Beyonce Radiant On 'InStyle' September Cover

Beyonce InStyle

Beyoncé on the September 2011 cover of "InStyle."
Photo: Courtesy of "InStyle"

Beyoncé, girl, you are GLOWING. It may be the fact that she's literally covered in gold sequins and stars, but we can't deny how radiant Bey looks on the September 2011 cover of InStyle. She's rocking a shimmering Dolce & Gabbana mini and necklace paired with sun-kissed strands and minimal makeup. We were all, "Aw, Bey Bey looks so fresh-faced and wholesome and dewy," but then we got a peek at what happened inside the spread and, WHEW BOY.

That whole girl-next-door vibe went straight out the window. I mean, have you SEEN Beyoncé seductively lounging in a chair in nothing but a OMO Norma Kamali swimsuit, Dior fox fur bolero, and neon Ernesto Esposito pumps? She looks HOT. And we mean that in the most literal way possible because girl is SWEATIN'. Also, there's smoke at her feet. SMOKE. BEY'S ON FIRE, Y'ALL.

But then, THEN, we watched this behind-the-scenes video and we completely lost our minds. It takes us to the Long Island mansion where Beyoncé's shoot took place, and about 30 seconds in we are bombarded with the shoe montage of our dreams. It's a trance of one gorgeous heel after another (our favorite being the gold platforms that are sculpted out of a lion stretching on all fours. Yeahhhh.) that leaves us completely speechless.

We see Ms. Beyoncé smiling while being shot in a different (but just as beautiful, don't get it twisted) gold mini AND a long, flowy burgundy dress that screams autumn, but THEN, OUT OF NOWHERE—a python shows up. Like an actual, living, breathing snake. And Beyoncé just slides it on like a scarf all NBD about it, and we think, "Gosh, could we love you more?" And then we read some highlights from the article and she says her guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore, and then we were all, "UUUUUUUUUM." But anywho, the last minute of the video is nothing but gorgeous gratuitous shots of Beyoncé sexily lounging all OVER that dang mansion in high-fashion threads while assistants slowly fan smoke around her. In one word: Amazing.

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