Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato! Your Style Game Rules

Is it just us or is Demi Lovato at her most glowingest, beautiful self, like, all the time now? Girl has never looked better. Wait, scratch that. The “Skyscraper” songstress turns 19 this weekend, so we can officially call her a woman. Since her hiatus, Dems has churned out head-to-toe looks so gorge we can hardly keep up.

Demi Lovato in Los Angeles on July 19, July 20, and Aug. 7.
Photo: Getty Images

First, there was a little black dress that practically slithered over her curves, emphasizing her waist and perfectly tan gams. But then she had to go and pair it with a cascade of luscious brown waves (seriously, what shampoo does she use?!), smoky eyes, and a bright pink manicure that elevated the LBD to a whole new level of hotness. The next day, Demi showed up in an outfit so packed with boho-chic gloriousness we had to take a second (and third...and fourth) look to drink in every detail, from her asymmetrical crochet dress and feather extensions to her cross necklace and stacks of bracelets. And can we PLZ take a time-out to appreciate her luminous bronzed skin, the enviable golden sheen highlighting her cheekbones? Sigh. Finally, at the Teen Choice Awards, Demi revealed yet another facet of her style persona in lacy, pretty BCBG. Call us Lovatics, but we are FEELING this: the “look at me now” yellow suede pumps, elegant makeup.

Just a hunch, but we have a feeling that the sartorial spotlight will SHINE on Demi this year, and we'll be right here, keyboard in hand, to document every divine moment.