The Cast Of 'Glee' Will Co-Host Fashion's Night Out With 'Vogue'

Glee Fashion Night Out

The "Glee" cast for Fashion's Night Out.
Photo: Courtesy of VOGUE/Norman Jean Roy

If you really think about it, would you have ever imagined that Glee would end up in the pages of Vogue? The easy answer is, "Yes, of course!" But let's all think back on the early days of the Glee phenomenon, when these tremendously talented high school choir kids were getting slushied every week and the only character with an inkling of fashion knowledge was the fictional Kurt Hummel (played by lovable Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer). Now, the Glee cast is EVERYWHERE, from a traveling stage show and 3-D concert movie to late-night talk shows and numerous red carpets coast-to-coast. We've even witnessed many of the cast go through full-on style transformations. Thus, being total self-professed Gleeks, we're actually not surprised to hear that the multitalented, triple-threat cast is poised to take on the role of hosts/headliners for Vogue's legendary Fashion Week jamboree, Fashion's Night Out (known as FNO for you abbreviators). But just what should we expect from this GIGANTASAURUS pairing?

Lynn Yaeger's "Show Stoppers: Glee Comes to Fashion's Night Out" article reveals that the real clothes hound of the group is not Chris Colfer but Kevin McHale who plays cutie-on-wheels Artie. He tells the magazine that he was OB-SESSED with a Marc by Marc Jacobs kilt that he "wore the hell out of" last year. Ahem, MAN-KILT? Brrrring it for FNO, McHale! Also, Lea Michele, who plays diva Rachel Berry, tells Yaeger that she's fallen in love with Oscar de la Renta and is described by Glee creator Ryan Murphy as a "red carpet star". We agree and can't wait to see what she and the rest of the glamorous gals will be wearing for FNO. We're guessing it won't be anything animal-oriented, though, as Michele is quick to point out that she "would never wear a sweater with an animal face!"

Will there be more from the Glee cast leading up to the big night? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. We should expect a music video featuring Lea Michele singing the David Bowie song "Fashion" to go live on on August 23rd, and a full-cast PSA that will air on August 24th. We don't know about you, but we're GLEEKING OUT!

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