Kim Kardashian's Wedding Inspires A Bling Ring Pop

Kim Kardashian Ring Pop.

Ring Pop's ode to Kim Kardashian.
Photo: Courtesy of Bazooka

This was surely the summer of weddings wasn't it? It's not over yet, either. With Kim Kardashian's MEGA-hyped wedding to b-baller Kris Humphries set for later this week, the entertainment media can't stop buzzing about everything from her Vera Wang gown to the upcoming "fairy tale" televised event. This wedding is so HUGE that even Ring Pops got in on the action. Wait a minute, did we just type Ring Pops, as in those candy ring lollipops popular in school yards and with Leighton Meester and Blake Lively in photo shoots? Oh, yes we did! Ladies and gents, there's now an honorary Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring Pop.

Bazooka Candy created this "Swarovski Encrusted Bling Pop Ring Pop" to honor the happy couple and celebrate their nuptial bliss. (Something tells us it's maybe not actual Swarovski crystals but clear candy instead). The company is giving them away on its Facebook page to those who write the best dream proposal to compete with Kris' rose petals in the bedroom proposal. (Awww, we love old-fashioned romance). Judging by the photo of this MAMMOTH CANDY RING—which appears to be resting atop glistening caviar for that extra-special luxe touch—this ring isn't kidding around, and is desperate to make its way on many a betrothed finger. What we're wondering, though, is just what does this GIGANTIC, edible, "diamond" ring taste like? Happy tears? An arctic breeze? Baby snowflakes? We'll leave it for you to decide.

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