Lady Gaga's 'Workshop' To Take Over Entire Floor Of Barneys New York

Gaga's Workshop Barneys New York

Gaga's Workshop for Barneys New York.
Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York

Attention Li'l Monsters: Christmas is coming EARLY for you! Thanks to Barneys New York, it's going to be a very Lady Gaga holiday season this year. That's right, Barneys is not only devoting their legendary holiday windows to all things Gaga this season, they're giving Mother Monster an ENTIRE FLOOR to werrrk her elfish magic. Gaga's Workshop will take over the fifth floor of the men's store and feature an unprecedented selection of limited-edition and specially created products culled from and inspired by the Lady herself. Please excuse us while OUR HEADS EXPLODE because this isn't even the half of it...

What we know thus far is that Gaga will partner with her style guru Nicola Formichetti, he of both Thierry Mugler and his own upcoming new line. They've also enlisted the help of Eli Sudbrack and his crazy/awesome art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus (which, incidentally, make color-pop fantasy lands that are everything the name implies) to possibly help with the windows and setting. ALSO, this workshop will feature—wait for it—a VAST array of Gaga/Formichetti-crafted accessories and cosmetics, like Gaga-inspired lipstick and rock candy jewelry as well as clothes, toys, and chocolate. What's more, Gaga being Gaga (being WONDERFUL) will donate 25 percent of the proceeds to charity. WE'RE HYPERVENTILATING!!!

When is Santa—we mean Gaga—ready to have us come and sit upon his—her—knee? Well, if you can make it in person, the workshop opens in mid-November and will close on Jan. 2, and there will be some items available online. But if you're very nice (and maybe even a little naughty) you might be able to find a way to get to the unveiling of this red and green and glitter-all-over EXTRAVAGANZA. Word has it, Gaga and her elves just might be whistling while they work in person.

{Via Fashionista}