Robert Pattinson Next Celeb To Design Clothing? Kellan Lutz Says So!

Robert Pattinson is rumored to want his own clothing line.
Photo: Getty Images

OK, so we're totally just feeding the rumor mill right now, but when you catch wind of a slab of gossip this juicy, you just CAN'T keep it all to yourself! Word around these parts of the interwebz is everyone's favorite heartbreak-inducing vampire Robert Pattinson MAY want to launch his own clothing line! The speculative tidbit comes from an interview Twilight costar Kellan Lutz gave Us Weekly while talking about HIS casualwear line Abbot + Main. According to Us, Kellan says, "Rob and I were talking about doing clothing lines, and he found out I was doing one and was like 'I should do one'.... He wants to do one—he's always so hipster." Hmm, hipster, eh? A) True and B) We liiike.

Lutz also added that the duo had even preemptively named the would-be (or rather SHOULD-be) line "Rags by Rob," which suggests that, if it existed, the line would follow in the path of Kellan's Abbot + Main tees and hoodies, which debuted at Nordstrom late last week. Kiiiind of disappointing, I guess. Nothing against tees and jeans and button-ups, etc., but since R.Pattz is one of the only dudes of late who so consistently nails it on the red carpet WITHOUT being boring/whipping out the same skinny lapel + skinny black tie to every event, it could be nice to see what he might do with a collection of suits. Have him share the style wealth and help some other guys out, you know? Honestly, any line The Pattz (what, he lets us call him that) puts out, be it everyday clothes or eveningwear, is sure to look great, and maybe, maybe it would even have us swooning over some of the mortal boys in our neighborhood instead of wishing they'd turn into vampires/super-mega-hot celebrities. (Sorry, we're not sorry for our unrealistic expectations.)

{via Us Weekly}

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