Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, And Tyra Banks Rock Brights And Metals At Do Something! Awards

Though we won't see who exactly did something until the Do Something! Awards arrive on VH1 on Thursday, we can already tell you that things got did...er, done. Because the award appreciates those bright, shining, young people who make a change, celebs like Tyra Banks and Demi Lovato brought their brightest and shiniest (respectively) outfits to the VH1 red carpet. (The show was taped last night, in case you were wondering about our preternatural awards ceremonies prediction abilities. Which we ALSO have, but we also snagged some images for your enjoyment, as well.)


Demi Lovato Justin Bieber Olivia Wilde Do Something Awards

Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and Olivia Wilde shine in metallic at the 2011 Do Something! Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Nothing puts a well-polished glint on the future of activism like metallic fabric (Got that? Good, glad you're coming with me.), and what we have here is three very different takes on a very cool trend. First we have Miss Demi Lovato, who is just knocking it out of the style park these days with her incredible hair/skin combo and sartorial smarts. She has a simple, figure-flattering white dress with a silver embroidery down the front. The slight hint of metal really gave her white dress a sense of movement and versatility. On the masculine front, Justin Bieber demonstrates how a dude can rock the metal trend without looking shiny or like he just returned from Ibiza. With treated denim, the Beebs took a casual look and made it surprisingly red carpet with a gentle gold sheen. Gold pants, once veering into dangerous Freddie Mercury territory, are surprisingly elegant. For the most dramatic metallic of the night, Olivia Wilde showed up in a Grecian Chloe resort gown. While the cut might not be the most forward-thinking, the all-over shimmer of the fabric is gorge.


Jojo Tyra Banks Ashley Benson Do Something Awards

Jojo, Tyra Banks, Ashley Benson glow in neon at the 2011 Do Something! Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

On the eye-catchingly bright tip, we had a trio of ladies working the hot pink like it was on fire. Which it was. Especially in the one-shouldered magenta dress worn by JoJo (who is quite the statement-maker on the carpet these days), which matched pleasantly with Tyra's tricolored pantsuit. Tyra color-blocked like a pro, showing that, when paired with black, two shades of neon are better than one. But one color is aight too, and Ashley Benson dons a nearly eye-searing (in the best way possible) tunic dress that is straightforward, fresh, and made killer atop black platforms. One thing, Ash: you've got such lovely blue eyes...don't hide them behind all that kohl. We want to seee you! We want to see you doing all the good you are doing at the Do Something! Awards!


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