Christina Hendricks, Jaime King, And Olivia Wilde Love To Tie One On

Christina Hendricks, Jaime King, and Olivia Wilde in neckties.
Photos: Getty Images

It used to be that you only tied a ribbon 'round your neck if you were A) a gentleman of the late 1800s, B) a punk rock Parisian poet named Charles Baudelaire, who lived during the late 1800s, or C) Emile Hirsch circa 2008. But make no mistake, neckties are all the rage and have been popping up on MANY a red carpet recently. A little bit lady, a whole lotta rock and roll, the ribbon necktie gives a nod to vintage Victoriana while making any button-up shirt look instantaneously MODERN. Not bad for a something you can buy for less than a dollar at any craft store.

If we were to wage a fashion guess, we'd say the look truly emerged last year courtesy of TWO trendsetting GENIUSES. One is style slayer Alexa Chung, who rocked the good old-fashioned look at both the Met Gala and the Chanel Couture show. The second is none other than the OFFICIAL menswear-for-ladies TRAILBLAZER, Janelle Monáe, who seemed to incorporate the necktie into her entire stage persona. Known for their individual style, we're assuming both ladies threw the necktie out there and the fashion flock followed because we haven't really seen the necktie ANYWHERE since until the last few months.

But there it was on Christina Hendricks at the premiere of her upcoming film Drive. She mixed not one, not two, but THREE MEGA-TRENDS with her menswear tuxedo jacket atop a lace top and skirt all jazzed up with a simple black necktie. Risky but it works! At the InStyle Summer Soiree in L.A., Jaime King opted for lace, too, tipping her white dress out with a ribbon around both her neck and waist for a look that's very edgy-lady. Olivia Wilde has been absolutely EVERYWHERE this summer, but our favorite red carpet look of hers yet is this GORGE polka dot Gucci gown at the Cowboys and Aliens premiere in London. We think the white necktie (change it up, go for CRAZY COLOR!) takes our eyes away from what could be a see-through shirt trend disaster. You see, ladies, neckties are also lifesavers.

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