Happy ‘Glee 3D’ Day! Celebrate With Dianna Agron’s Complete Style Retrospective (Plus New Pink Hair!)

Dianna Agron dyes her hair pink!
Photo: Getty Images/Pacific Coast News

One of the greatest things about growing up is looking back on your personal style evolution and realizing how far you’ve come. Sure there are looks you can laugh at in your past (you better believe jeggings and joggs will come back to haunt you), but then there are those wardrobe epiphanies that move life stylishly forward. It’s humbling to see that stars (they’re just like us!) go through the same evolution we do—only they do it much quicker and for all the world to see. If we had to give an award to someone truly SLAYING IT in the style evolution department, though, the periwinkle blue ribbon would go to Dianna Agron, aka Glee’s Quinn Fabray. A rising star of both the small and big screen, she is now a bona fide STYLE SENSATION, too. Thus, in honor of the opening of the Glee Live! In Concert! movie, we’d like to present her complete style transformation…


Dianna Agron in her more girly ensembles.
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Dianna began her journey with soft n’ tame girly-girl style (there’s a reason why her fans call her “a little lamb”). Much like her singing cheerleader character, she paired her long blonde locks—flat-ironed at all times—with sweet, prim and proper dresses. Now, don’t get us wrong, this look is fine, especially for the early days of mall appearances and red carpet beauty events, but it’s clear that Miss A was finding her sea legs in that hurricane of flashing bulbs. She kept the heels and makeup modest, the waist accentuated, and the smile at a gentle simmer. We’ll call it a winsome debut.


Dianna Agron goes Hollywood glam.
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Whoa, TOUSLED HAIR ALERT! You know it’s about to KICK OFF right here. Yes, she’s still working the sweetie-pie look, but she’s shaking it up and out, too. We love the messy (yet still soft!) waves with the black slip dress. Dianna’s straight hair hasn’t vanished entirely, but she’s adding a bit of sass to it to match her new red carpet persona. Is she flirting with each and every photographer in these photos? You better believe it! Girl is WORKIN’ IT hand-on-hip style like a PRO.


Dianna Agron resembles her character on ’Glee.’
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As any Gleek knows, Dianna’s character, Quinn, goes through a mega life evolution in season one of the show. We’re talking celibacy to pregnancy to adoption. In season two, she’s back to her old self (that is, as a student and cheerleader) but has changed as a result of her experience, including her style. The same can be said for the experience Dianna seems to have gone through as a rising celeb. Check out the spunky li’l leg kick she gives in that yellow and black number while saying with her eyes, “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just going to PIERCE this red carpet with elegance.” She masters the art of feminine dressing in a a pale pink, lace princess dress that sweeps down to her ankles, not to mention a white cap-sleeve top and 50s-style red skirt. How does she pull this off without looking dated? It’s all about CONFIDENCE.


Dianna Agron’s red carpet gowns.
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If you want to stand out as a pillar of fashion, you need to show up at some event in some sort of gown at some point, preferably at a high-brow awards show. Our lady A pulls off an A-list gown with ease whether it be a dramatic lace Carolina Herrera (hello, HIGH FASHION), strapless Grecian beauty (we’ll overlook the pageant hair), or a stunning metallic Reem Acra showstopper. Good gowns equal GORGE. Period.


Dianna Agron sports edgier looks.
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Dianna Agron, STYLE SLAYER. Ok, this is what we’re officially deeming her because this lamb has graduated to PANTHER. Check out the slashed black dress, smoky eyes, and long, pointy earrings she wore to the Grammy Awards. Meow! The same goes for the poured-into leather number she wore to a Montblanc cocktail party (very Catwoman). But stop the presses! The minimal red Michael Kors column dress she wore to the Met Costume Institute Gala? That’s full-on ROAR style right there. Well played.


Dianna Agron today.
Photo: Getty Images

Dianna has clearly earned the hounding paparazzi following her every move and can now rest assured every sartorial choice she makes will wind up in gossip mags and on style sites galore. Miss Agron has proven she can stop traffic in a little black dress on her way to the Late Show With David Letterman. She can make news for chopping off her signature long locks creating a must-get-bob maelstrom in the process. She can attend downtown screenings in downtown black and white separates knowing she’ll make various link roundups on fash-blogs the next day or go for an asymmetrical Christian Cota dress at the Glee 3D premiere, turning it out with messy hair, gold accessories, and a gigantic smile. What’s more, she can wake up the next day and get us all excited again by dyeing her hair pink. What more can we say? Bravo, Dianna Agron, BRAVO.

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