'Spider-Man' Andrew Garfield Discusses His Package, Blushes A Lot

Andrew Garfield in 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'
Photo: Columbia Pictures/Entertainment Weekly

The last time we fawned over Andrew Garfield in his skin-tight Spider-Man costume, we were ogling his, um, assets. You know, the ones from behind. Just a little south of the back. And a little north of the thighs. Oh for goshsakes, just LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT PHOTO. *drools* Yeah. It's pretttyyy clear that the blue and red costume from The Amazing Spider-Man shows off EVERY last detail of his anatomy, including his, um, crotch region. Luckily, at Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly was ballsy (heh) enough to ask Andrew the tough questions like if he and director Marc Webb "gave a lot of thought to the south-of-the-equator regions," and if they talked about "whether to err on the side of being too Ken-doll androgynous vs. too bulbously revealing." Is anyone else DYING to know what Andrew said?

Andrew Garfield at 2011 Comic-Con for 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'
Photo: Getty Images

Well, in response to Andrew and the director "giving a lot of thought" to his groin region, he said, "Of course you do!" while simultaneously blushing. He continued, "There are long discussions about this stuff. There has to be because it's got to be handled with sensitivity. It has to be non-offensive, which takes some tools." Tools, eh? Well, we know what OUR follow-up question would've been. In the meantime we'll imagine crazy costume concoctions made of who KNOWS what to keep that thing under wraps. (Somewhere a wardrobe assistant was smiling.) (Ed. Note: Ew! Chrissy!) But what was his final thought on the topic at hand? "I don't think it should be the main attraction of the costume. I don't think it should be what people are focusing on." Um, easier said than done, Mr. Garfield. Easier said than done.

{via Entertainment Weekly}

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