Kristen Stewart Gets A Glam Makeover For The 'W' September Issue

Kristen Stewart on the cover of "W Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "W Magazine"

Is it just me, or does looking at this cover make you feel like you were just woken up from a coma or a really long-winded but VERY realistic dream or some sort of 8-year-long bout of being cryogenically frozen? Because last time I checked, Kristen Stewart was an adorably unassuming, charmingly awkward, downright FAWN of a girl, and now W Magazine has her on its MONSTER September "Fashion Issue" cover oozing all sorts of seduction and smoldering intensity and LUXE! H--How did I miss this?! But more important, why didn't we get a taste of this sooner because DAYUM, girl looks GOOD!

Kristen Stewart in Gucci silk chiffon gown for "W Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "W Magazine"

I mean, really. THANK YOU W for putting two and two together because this hella bombshell beauty job is just such a refreshing counterpart to K.Stew's usually more alt look. And with that soft and flowy yet voluminous tonsorial masterpiece plus her strong brow and delicate features, girl is a dead ringer for a brunette Brigitte Bardot.

Kristen Stewart in Junya Watanabe leather motorcycle jacket, Dolce & Gabbana silk bodysuit, and Elizabeth and James sterling silver bangle set for "W Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "W Magazine"

With the combination of the retro beauty game, this futuristic Junya Watanabe black moto jacket, the grayscale photo filter, and her forlorn damsel-in-distress expression, Kristen looks straight out of one of those '60s sci-fi movies where the aliens are all buxom, doe-eyed ladies with beehives.

Kristen Stewart in Asprey 18k yellow gold, citrine, orange sapphire, and diamond ring for "W Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "W Magazine"

It's difficult to know what to focus on in a picture like this: the mammoth bejeweled Asprey ring, the architectural spectacle of that wave of hair, or K.Stew's cute-as-a-button little face!

Kristen Stewart in Theory Scotia angora polyamide blend sweater for "W Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of "W Magazine"

Sometimes I envision myself lounging around my apartment on weekend mornings looking like this, Angora Theory sweater and all. Think about how nice and relaxing and calming all that luxurious fabric would feel as you slinked over to the pantry and poured yourself a bowl of Cheerios. But what really happens is I shove my glasses on, only to be met in the mirror with a head of hair more akin to a bird's nest than an old-timey glamour-puss and a heinously (but MAD COMFY) monochromatic sweatsuit.

{via W Magazine}

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