Britney Spears VMA Promo: Behind-The-Scenes Fashion

Britney Spears VMA Promo

Britney Spears in the 2011 VMA promo.
Photo: Roderick Trestrail II

If the 2011 Video Music Awards are going to be ANYTHING like this Britney Spears' VMA promo, it's going to be fun-filled party with amazing music, insane dancing, and INCREDIBLE fashion. We noticed a RIDIC amount of spikes, studs, and leather so we had to get in touch with Brit Brit's stylist immediately to give us the nitty-gritty deets of her ensemble. Enter: Leila Baboi. She helped pick all the pieces for Ms. Spears' wardrobe, and she told us every last detail. Britney sported a torn vintage Helmut Lang tee over an Elkin top paired with shredded and cropped Levi shorts. She threw on a white studded Olima Atelier STATEMENT leather jacket and spiked Sam Edelman shoes with Alexander Wang quilted, leather spats over the top for a touch of edginess. Check out some of other the highlights below.

What was the inspiration?:

"When I first contacted by the director for the shoot, he wanted to really have it be nostalgic and reference Michael Jackson and some key music artists."

And the overall aesthetic?:

"I brought in designers and shopped a lot of vintage and a lot of streetwear as well, so it’s a mix of high fashion, meets street meets, a little bit of vintage, so there’s a mix of all three and a little bit of theatricalness."

Tell us about the shredded jorts!:

"They’re vintage Levis. Much like the shirt it’s DIY style. We just took vintage shorts and made them a little bit shorter than they wore and tore the front part of them to give them that edgy do-it-yourself vibe."

What about the white leather jacket that KILLS us?:

"It’s an Olima Atelier jacket, custom made for Britney. Five different types of studding throughout the jacket and throughout the back. We wanted to kind of have a very designer look but still keep it really unique and kind of different, something you wouldn’t normally see. So this looked amazing on her and this was the jacket that she wore."

And the accessories?:

"For accessories, we had a lot to choose from but we wanted to keep it simple since the jacket was a little bit over the top and that was really the statement piece so we used just cut off, fingerless, fishnet gloves that she wore underneath the jacket and gave it that extra kind of urban pop. A little punky vibe as well."


Britney Spears' Stylist At The VMA 2011 Promo Shoot


Britney Spears' 2011 VMA Promo


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