Five Things MTV's New 'Weird Vibes' Show Taught Us About Indie Cuties

Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls in "Weird Vibes."
Photo: Courtesy of "Weird Vibes"

One of our favorite new MTV web series has debuted, and it's headed up by the super-cool music junkie Shirley Braha at MTV Hive. "Weird Vibes", explains Shirley, is "an indie music video show. With indie artists. And music videos. And fun will be had."

Here’s a little secret: Indie songstresses have some of THEE best style around. Hands-down. We freak out at Coachella, fawn over Pitchfork, and get giddy at Lollapalooza because these ladies don’t have stylists, they have weird vibes. Here’s what we learned in the first show.

• Brooklyn singer/everywoman Frankie Rose (of Frankie and the Outs) might have to mow lawns to make money. But as long as she is wearing that sensible wide-brimmed felt hat to block out the sun, we don't feel TOO bad for her. That might be the world’s most perfect hat. Frankie...give us your hat. Please.

Vivian Girls are just like us! In their video “Take It As It Comes,” they worry about boys and give each other good dude advice and live for pink lipstick. P.S. Kickball Katy—if Johnny isn’t into you after you show up in that form-fitting graphic shift dress, then he isn’t worth it, FOR REAL.

• Are old-school circle hologram glasses a thing now? Teams seems to think so.

• The beauty disasters that populate the Grimes video—migrating, overdone mascara, eyeliner that might be chin liner, lipstick that looks like a child applied it—can't undo how hauntingly lovely lead singer Claire Boucher is, even if she is slightly Lydia Deetz with those extreme, blunt bangs.

• John Pena of the Beach Fossils: We'd NEVER make fun of your shorts, and if the whole band thing fails, MTV Style invites you to be our cute cabana boy. But first, we need cabanas!

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