Weird Trend! Ice Out Your Eyes With Gold And Diamond Contact Lenses

A woman wearing the diamond contacts.
Photo: Courtesy of La SER Eye Jewelry

Hey, remember grills? They had their day in the early '80s and mid-aughts, and there are undoubtedly some people out there who just refuse to let the things go. But let's be honest: When was the last time you saw a set and thought to yourself, "Wow, that's a really novel and revolutionary piece of face jewelry!" I'm sure it wasn't any time recently. Well, you can quit crying about how bored you are with the state of facial accessories because Shekar Eye Research Center has developed a line of La SER Eye Jewelry. "What's eye jewelry?" you ask. Why, it's contact lenses with GOLD and DIAMONDS embedded around the irises of your EYES, of course! (Insert puns about blinged-out eyeballs here.)

A close-up of the diamond contacts.
Photo: Courtesy of La SER Eye Jewelry

Now, I understand that for many just the thought of contact lenses can make a person squeamish, but even I, a daily wearer and proud evangelist of the things and all their benefits, am a little wary of popping one of these suckers over my pupils. Sure, like any other hot-blooded fash-obsessed American, I was all, "GIMME DAT" about flossing up my oculars, but in the subsequent 0.2 seconds, I realized that this means putting gems and precious metals IN MY EYES, and my tail swiftly docked between my legs in fear (sidenote: just want to clarify that, I don't really have a tail).

If you're like this brave woman, I salute you. Maybe I'm bowing in your honor. I hope you're enjoying a life of adventure, free to bungee jump and skydive and alligator wrestle with diamond circled eyes withOUT your heart rising into a lump in your throat. Must be nice. I, on the other hand, will keep my clear contacts (sometimes *gasp* glasses) and be content with my life of mediocrity, broccoli and cheese casserole, and extraordinarily even blood pressure and glucose levels. And you will have precious metals in your eye. And that will be the difference between the two of us.

Gold and Diamond contacts by La SER Eye Jewelry.
Photo: Courtesy of La SER Eye Jewelry

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