Jeans + Sweatpants = Diesel Joggs. Would You Wear These Hybrid Pants?

Womens Joggs

Women's joggs!
Photo: Courtesy of Diesel

Take a good hard look at this because well... THIS is the future. Here it is, guys. Happening right in front of you. BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES. Diesel, the denim masters, have launched a line of Jogg-jeans, the revolutionary jean + sweatpant hybrid. And these aren’t just jeans cut in the style of sweats. No, ma’am. See that draw waist? The thin-looking cuff at the bottom of each pair? According to the denim magicians themselves, these are made to give “a denim illusion from the outside and a sweat look from the inside.” The look and wash of a trusty pair of jeans but constructed from comfy sweat-esque materials.

Pump the brakes on the judgment train here for a sec, though. Stop and forget everything you've ever learned about jeggings and pajama jeans. These are definitely NOT the same thing, so you better not get it twisted. Sure, the predecessors had butt pockets, maybe even came in 5-pocket styles, too. Maybe they had rivets. And a trompe l'oeil fly. But did they ever feature distressing so exquisite as that middle pair of vintage wash Joggs above?? Riddle me THAT. (Ed. Note: Can we get consensus on whether or not those tears are real or painted on?)

Mens Joggs

Men's joggs!
Photo: Courtesy of Diesel

Still a little scandalized? That's fine. You'll come around sooner or later, but trust that this is no fad. The Jogg is carving a path for itself as a bonafide wardrobe staple. I, for one, am positive these will be every conscientious man (as a men's selection is above), woman, and child's best friend during long plane/train/automobile rides (not looking like a total ragamuffin bedheaded bum-sauce whilst travelling? YES, PLEASE! I'll take eight pair). Quote me. *drops mic and walks away*

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