Get Kreayshawn’s Yo Gabba Gabba Blanket Cape For Yourself

Kreayshawn in a Yo Gabba Gabba blanket on Aug. 9.
Photo: WireImage/Target

Awwwww, guys. Look at Kreayshawn! She’s all wrapped up in a blanket like a cute little burrito (she loves cats; perhaps a purrito?). A cute little FASHIONABLE purrito, that is. The VMA Best New Artist nominee is already a style icon in our book (um, have you SEEN her i-D magazine cover?), so it’s only appropriate that she put a Kreayshawn spin on a hip trend—the cape! Fash bloggers have been sporting chic capes since last fall in wintery fabrics like wool or fur, but Kreayshawn, who is covered in cartoony tattoos, decided to warm up in a way that’s much more up her alley—with a bright, colorful Yo Gabba Gabba blanket! (It’s a legitimately fun children’s show, for those not “in the know.”)

Now, we ORIGINALLY thought the most adorable part about this ensemble is the fact that this blanket is made for toddlers (aw!), but when Kreay Kreay (can we call you that?) divulged what she was wearing beneath, we were even MORE pleased!

Kreayshawn in a Yo Gabba Gabba blanket on Aug. 9.
Photo: WireImage

Kreayshawn sported a lippy crop top with striped black leggings and black platform moon shoes (SO ’90s. SO AMAZING.), and accessorized with bamboo door knocker earrings, a gold watch, her plastic rimmed glasses, a gold charm necklace, and a beaded necklace. Her beauty game was on lock, per usual, with her two-toned blonde and brown hair, fierce liquid eyeliner, and her mix-and-match blue, pink, and polka-dot nails. Since this blankie is only $15, our minds started wandering to thoughts of allllll those blankets out there that we could turn into capes in seconds flat! SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Just think of how many capes you’d have! For such a little amount of money! KREAYSHAWN IS A GENIUS.

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