Pratt Students Design Dresses For Urban Outfitters

A dress by Kindall Almond, a tunic by Sam O'Brien, a maxi by Simone Kurland, and.
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters put nine Pratt Institute students through a sort of mini Project Runway-esque competition this summer. The challenge was to design a dress with the store's customer in mind, and the prize for the top three designers would be the chance to sell their dresses at Urban Outfitters this fall. However, the catch (because you know these fashion competitions are always throwing a birdseed-only type of curveball) was that the designers had to work strictly with jersey. So, almost like a "turn this t-shirt into a dress" kind of deal where the biggest weapon in your toolbox is imagination. Top that, Heidi Klum!

After six weeks of constant sketching and sewing (in an air conditioned studio from a MA-JOR U.S. retailer, of course), the top three dresses were chosen. Kindall Almond's asymmetrical brown wrap dress nods to both draping and malleability. There's a shoulder piece that works as a tie around the waist or a scarf around the neck, too, so not only is this dress a neutral color (which means you can pair it with virtually everything), you can change it up entirely and even pair it with a jacket and boots for a more fall-friendly look. Sam O'Brien's winning dress is all about the draping, too. A self-professed Alexander McQueen devotee, he choose yellow jersey and created a more voluminous shape that billows down the back. He felt his look was "modern and sexy" and we couldn't agree more; in fact, we'd wear this sunshine number in the height of winter with tights and spiked boots.

The third winning design was by Simone Kirkland who described her look as "drama." Long, black, and criss-crossed with a diamond peep-hole in the front, we think this dress would have blown Project OFF the runway with its daring yet chic wearability. The look is perfect for day or night and easily layered upon for those unwilling to take the peepshow risk. But we think Simone's advice about her design work is just as inspirational for those wearing her work. "It's about just going for it," she said.

{Via Urban Outfitters}

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