Kreayshawn Rocks Fake Eyelashes And Amazing Leopard Nails

Kreayshawn on the cover of "i-D Magazine."
Photo: Courtesy of i-D

It's no secret that we're a little obsessed with Oakland rapper/director Kreayshawn. The ease with which she shape-shifts through look after look is the kind of stuff we wish for with fingers crossed and eyes squeezed shut. The VMA Best New Artist Nominee's chameleon-like power to mesh hip-hop swag with a hipster DIY spirit has us watching her EVERY move and taking notes Memento-style all over our body. But above all else, what we admire the most about this girl is her diamond-solid, consistently mind-melting beauty game, blazing at white-hot temperatures on this cover of i-D Magazine.

Back in June, we (foolishly) challenged her skills for a Kreayshawn vs. MTV Style eyeliner-off (on my face), and she to-hoooootally schooled us. Had we seen this George Harvey image for i-D's Pick Me Up Issue before, we DEFinitely would have thought twice, maybe three times, about how badly we were about to get clowned. One look at those scene-stealing star-spangled graphic lash decals and the expertly tapered liquid liner job beneath them alone, and it would've been lights out. (Please note: There are two layers of liner there.) And on TOP of all that, she's rocking an impeccable two-toned coiffure, matte lips in just the right shade of nude, and a primary-colored, half-and-half leopard print manicure that makes our toes curl in both unbridled glee and mad amounts of girl-on-girl crime-sparking envy.

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