Snooki Signs Fragrance Deal, Will It Smell Like Pickles?

Snooki is launching a fragrance this fall.
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If pickle flip-flops, brass knuckle bracelets, sneaker slippers, and leopard print nails weren't ENOUGH ways to get Snooki-fied, the Jersey Shore star is launching her first fragrance this fall. We foresee a round, meatball-esque bottle with a big, colorful bow on top, but judging by her GMA appearance this morning, the newly sleek-haired mini mogul might be turning a bit more serious. Either way, the smell and name on her fragrance are yet to be determined. But Snooks, GUESS WHAT? We thought of some ideas for you! I knowwww. We are SO NICE. (Psst, hire us!)


1.) Bronzer

2.) Tanning oil

3.) Meatballs

4.) Hair spray

5.) Ron-Ron juice

6.) Burnt cotton candy

7.) Lemon drop shots

8.) Fresh laundry (GTL!)

9.) Pickles (*prays it's not this one*)


1.) Smush Sauce

2.) Snookin' For Love Spice

3.) Pouf Juice


5.) Leopard Lust

6.) Eau De Cornichon (that's pickle in French because she's FANCY.)

Do you think we missed any possible smells or names? Tell us in the comments below!!

{via Coco Perez}

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