'Otis' Video Premieres On MTV And MTV.Com Tomorrow! Plus, 'Watch The Throne': Kanye West And Jay-Z's Best Fashion Lyrics

Kanye West and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Kanye West stunting in tuxes.
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Um. Watch The Throne. Right? That. Shiz. Cray. Nevermind the singular coup that, as promised, the mega-opus by Kanye West and Jay-Z did NOT leak, but we've got THE exclusive premiere of the "Otis" video on MTV and MTV.com, Thursday, Aug. 11 at 8:56 p.m. ET/PT AND a Sneak Peek below of the gritty, exciting, GENIUS visual slant from none other than directorial extraordinaire SPIKE JONZE.

Plus, holy face-melty fashion references on this monster collaboration. To celebrate MTV Style's unbridled enthusiasm for throne watching (which we've been doing nonstop), we've chronicled the BEST and most memorable fashion lyrics from the entire album with multiple nerd seshes devoted to "Otis." Of course. Get your Gucci geek glasses on, mmkay?

From pedestrian "dot, dot, dot" (as in three dots, that midrange cotton T-shirt line) references in "Change Clothes" from The Black Album, Jay-Z has since moved (silently and with continuous secondhand movement for you watch fiends) onto Swiss timepieces in the $500,000 range. Plus, remember when he name-dropped Evisu in "Show You How"? Hasn't the beleaguered denim manufacturer had two major makeovers since?

A great many seasons have passed since both of these artists entered the stage; Kanye has long graduated from working retail at the GAP OBVI and his admiration for Antwerp is still GOING STRONG. In honor of each respective rap titan's style evolution, we dug our keyboard-bruised fingers into the massive lyrical content of the record. Some of us even made an homage Tumblr to Jay-Z's black strap because "you know what that's for."

"N***** IN PARIS"

"Prince William ain’t do it right if you ask me/

'Cause if I was him I would have married Kate and Ashley.

What's Gucci, my n****?

What's Louis, my killa?

What's drugs, my deala?

What's that jacket, Margiela? "

— Kanye

Just imagining Kanye in a polygamous relationship with the mini moguls of The Row and Elizabeth And James makes us titter in glee. Also, we have seen Kanye IRL in MULTIPLE beautiful, reeeeeeedick Maison Martin Margiela motorcycle jackets that feel and look like buttah.

"Got a broke clock, Rolleys that don't tick tok/

Audemars that losing time, hidden behind all these big rocks, I'm shocked."


Does Jay-Z have a Audemars Piguet manual? Is he not having his properly serviced annually? What is going on? Get thee to a watchmaker who is familiar with your particular caliber STAT, sir (respectfully). Also, you know what the Rolleys don't tick-tock is about, right? The second hand of a genuine Rolex features continuous motion. They literally do not tick. NO. You're the nerd.


"I invented swag, poppin’ bottles, puttin’ supermodels in the cab/

Proof I guess I got my swagger back, truth/

New watch alert, Hublot’s/

Or the big face, Rollie I got two of those..."


Hublots are also good watches. Many people like them. Many in the sense that among the VERY FEW who can afford say, a King Power Alinghi 48 like it's no big deal, a great proportion like them a lot.

"I made 'Jesus Walks,' I’m never going to hell/

Couture level flow, it’s never going on sale.

Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses/

Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive."


This high/low thing is MAJOR in WTT, with cover artwork designed by Riccardo Tisci, the headmaster of Givenchy. But instead of it being a staid, minimalist production, the gilded image is so over-the-top that it indeed reminds us of writing curses in cursive. Also, here, Kanye is not only talking about orange boxes Hermes, but how quickly he spits. As in, Hermes, the Greek god with wings on his feet. Whoa. And the next line talks about "accustomed to customs" and Hermes was also the patron of travelers who cross boundaries. So...


"Bueller had a Muller but I switched it for a Mille."


The entire blog world thinks this song is about vacuum cleaners or some such (as they are thinking MIELE) but Kanye is clearly referencing watches. Muller (as in Franck Muller) and Mille (as in Richard Mille) are much more sexy (and up 'Ye's alley) than house cleaning products. Plus, you know your man has a Dyson ball.

"THAT'S MY B****"

"How could somethin' so gangsta be so pretty in pictures?

With jeans and a blazer and some Louboutin slippers."

—Jay Z

It is funny that this was Jay's line, because we all know that Kanye looks great in his house shoes.

We can't tell if Jay-Z is wearing socks here, but he shouldn't be.
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"I’ll show up in all white, wearin' no socks."

—Jay Z

Please direct your attention to the picture at the right.


"It’s a celebration of black excellence/

Black tie, black Maybachs/

Black excellence, opulence, decadence/

Tuxes next to the president, I’m present/

I dress in Dries and other boutique stores in Paris/

In sheepskin coats, I silence the lambs/

Do you know who I am, Clarice?"

— Jay-Z

I don't have much to add to this, except I'd like to quietly point out that, in talking about his luxurious shearling coat and Dries Van Noten, Hova references SILENCE OF THE FLIPPIN' LAMBS. Marinate on that for a moment.


"Move blocks and squares, move apples and pears/

Work pots and pans, Just to cop me some Airs."


"Welcome To The Jungle" doesn't sample G'N'R, but it does remind us where Jay-Z came from. And that he looks fly in Nike Air Jordans.


"Downtown mixing fabrics trying to find the magic/

Started a little blog just to get some traffic/

Now all my n***** designing and we all swaggin’/

Ignore the critics just to say we did it/

This ain’t no fashion show, m********, we live it."


Kanye points out that some of the best rappers in the world have their own line, Jay included. And here could be his first (and maybe only?) reference to the line that he is quietly working on to be debuted at NY's Fashion Week, come September.

Kanye and Jay-Z 'Watch The Throne'
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"THE JOY" (Bonus Track)

"No electro, no metro, a little retro, ahh, perfecto."


Ah, we love a world where metrosexuality gives way to a bit of a vintage-inspired throwback. Truth: Kanye's at the top of his style game.

"ILLEST M*********** ALIVE" (Bonus Track)

"Collo Drolo sponsored by Manolos/

She got Zeppi Notos ready for some photos/

Yeah and I'm cold b****, please try to keep the door closed/

Lanvin thousand dollar tee with no logos/

Let me show you what I see when my eyes closed."


First, Giuseppe Zanotti reference, which is more evidence 'Ye is going to be making some pumps for ladies and we also love the "zeppi noto" since it VERILY reminds us of f***yeahmenswear (an oldie but goodie fashion insider reference). Second, he pronounced Lanvin correctly, which is better than I did when I quoted this line to someone, and they retorted, "It's not *nasal voice*LAN-vin, it's *posh voice*LAHN-VAHN."