Lucy Hale, Naya Rivera, And JoJo Give Classic Pumps A Contemporary Twist

Lucy Hale, Naya Rivera, and JoJo wear interesting takes on the classic pump silhouette.
Photo: Getty Images

Whether your dress has a bajillion strategically placed cutouts and mesh panels or you're already rocking, like, eight mismatched prints (all in the same complimentary color palette, of course—let's not get crazy), inevitably there are going to be times when your full-length mirror is screaming at you to take it down a notch on your feetsies. It's at this point when you peer into your closet, dust off those trusty solid pumps you save precisely for times like these, and slip them on with only just a twinge of sadness. Well well well, BIG NEWS, sweetheart. Take a cue from Shoe Update veteran Lucy Hale, smokin' Glee star Naya Rivera, and sultry songstress JoJo for a way to wear pumps when you need to but still keep your footwear interesting.

As great as it would be to wear the most absolutely bonkers heels every single day, realistically speaking, some ensembles beg for more subdued footwear. There are probably a few brave, hella swag-rich souls who can pull off the head-to-toe bananas look, but for us mere mortals, there are (very very few) lines we draw for ourselves. Lucy took one look at that asymmetrical patterned and besequined Cengiz Abazoglu minidress and just knew she'd need to tone things down with what appear to be a pair of relatively normal black patent peeptoes. Turn her to the side and BLADOW! There is NO HEEL on these Giuseppe Zanotti kicks! Amazing. Literally. They're like the David Blaine of shoes.

Looking at her straight on, Naya's Rue du Mail ensemble seems pretty streamlined. She turns the corner and you realize she's wearing mega-bowed heels by Walter Steiger (a shape we've seen from Miu Miu's A/W 11 shoes, too—trend alert!! *wink*). Finally, JoJo wears what look at first glance to be some run-of-the-mill-esque gray suede pumps, but upon closer inspection, it's clear these are hardly commonplace. The color may be neutral and the silhouette may be simple, but there's no denying those MAMMOTH platforms. Seriously, that's an ankle-breaking two, maybe three, inches in the front alone! *bows down, but not that low because she's already towering over us all*


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