Kanye West To Make Shoes With Giuseppe Zanotti?

Kanye West Designer.

Kanye West at the CFDA Awards in 2011.
Photo: Film Magic

In Kanye West's "Monster," Nicki Minaj calls out "a monster Giuseppe heel, that's the monster shoe." And Yeezy, it appears, agrees with his songmate, because there is a very convincing rumor circulating that Kanye has been heading out to atelier Giuseppi Zanotti to talk shoe game. The Italian designer was tight-lipped, but he did reveal Kanye's constant visits, plus his dedication to the idea of creating a bangin' heel. "[Kanye] loves learning about shoes," Zanotti told Women's Wear Daily, "both the design and construction, and we’ve tried to design something together." Then, to whet our appetites, he added, “In a couple of months, he could have his own special collection out.”

Things that make you go hmmm. The rumors all seem to add up: Kanye's fashion bent, the proposed and rumored upcoming lines, his penchant for high-end, sky-high heels and the ladies who wear them, Yeezy's own enjoyment of LADYWEAR. Plus, he did make a simply incredible men's shoe line for Louis Vuitton. And if he swears his collection is so cruise, we hope one day he and his date can walk into Nobu BOTH wearing his shoes.

{Via Women's Wear Daily}

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