The 'Jersey Shore' Girls Talk About 'The Double-Bra'

JWOWW Deena Cortese Snooki double bra jersey shore

Deena explaining the double-bra.
Photo: MTV

This afternoon's live edition of the Jersey Shore Hook-Up was just about as rife with gems as last night's Italy season premiere. The biggest and most educational of these being the girls' jaw-dropping reveal of "The Double-Bra." The secret (UNTIL NOW) practice is pretty self-explanatory. In an effort to accentuate their ladylumps, the girls wear two bras, one on top of the other. The topic was brought on by a viewer question aiming to clarify why Sammi has been, erm, "packing heat" lately. Living up to her moniker, the sweetheart obliged, explaining that she didn't have work done—she just double-bras from time to time.

Naysayers and anyone wagging their finger in scorn at the arguable "false advertising" of this habit be damned, our little meatball Snooki explained by expressing the frustration that leads to this kind of thing: "I have real boobs, and they're a good size, but when I lay down they're like pffffftttt, so it's like...ugh, COOL." And we natural-chested ladies FEEL you on that, Snooks! Sometimes you just don't want them to be all flippy-floppy, you know? We get it. So we might not all follow suit on this double-bra thing, for one, because that would involve purchasing an entirely new wardrobe to fit our enhanced bustlines, but we're nodding our heads along with you. For now.

In an extra-surprising turn of events, with the exception of Deena who swears by the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra, ALL of our Jersey girls take part in the practice. Yes, even Miss JWOWW double-bras her Double D's. To which the only thing we have left to say is, "YOWZA." Good day.


Jersey Shore Hook-Up: LIVE Edition

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