Snooki Is Your Jersey Shore Style Champ Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 1)

Snooki is our Jersey Shore Style Icon of the Night.
Photo: Getty Images

If we did a shot for every time a Jersey Shore cast member triumphantly announced that they were going to Italy in this premiere, our post would be way short and filled with spelling erroooooors (JK). Thankfully we didn’t, but we did anoint our very first Jersey Shore Style Champ for Season 4. This is what's going down: for each Italy episode, we here at MTV Style use our unimpeachably awesome sartorial judgment to select the best JS style moments of Pauly D., Snooki, The Situation, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Deena and JWOWW, measure them in a fair and shrewdly scientific manner (we eyeball it and go with our guts, sometime there is production assistant bloodshed but so it goes...), and deem a SINGLE housemate the episode winner.

As dutiful editors, we consider personal trends, commitment to fashion, pain-in-the-ass-factor-of-GTL-in-a-foreign-land and whatever Heart of Darkness-ish trials and tribulations the cast members endure to keep their looks FRESH TO DEATH. Using mathematics, rune tossing and mascara-based fingerpainting, we’ve divined our first Season 4 Style Star: SNOOKI. Your girl Deena incinerating her weave was DEFINITELY a close second LOL. Our evidence is as follows:


Snooki is basically a furry in all this leopard print.
Photo: MTV

Fact: No one looks good in their passport picture. Mine is like if you took the entire evolution of man and smushed it into one still frame. Plus, I'm stupid and didn't wear head-to-toe leopard print and thigh-high boots (and mittens!). If I worked it for the camera like Snooki did, with her big floppy cat-print hat and door-knocker earrings so big it causes lumbar fatigue, I would be certain that I’d have no issue getting into countries. As a foreign ambassador. Or maybe a princess.


Snooki packs a pair of "I Heart Vinny" panties without Jionni's knowledge.
Photo: MTV

Snooki had an entire suitcase filled with underwear. An entire suitcase. Underwear. And to that, we say, GO ON, GIRL. Not only is having on-point lingerie the de facto way of winning ANY Jersey Shore Style Champ post, but having your boyfriend help you pack it while you show off your undergarment tribute to a fellow cast member just makes you a gangster. Did Vinny make those for you? Did you buy them at the same place you get your Snookin’ For Love gear? Whatever. What we are most scandalized by is that all of her smalls aren’t animal print.


Snooki's bow eerily matches Hello Kitty's
Photo: MTV

Whoa. Look what she did here: She referenced her own STYLE on her shirt. Or her own SHIRT on her style. Either way, she is totally owning the Hello Kitty bow along with Hello Kitty directly below her and and the exactness of the angle and the shape of both bows is virtually identical. What does it mean? Is Snooki commenting on the general perception that she is a cartoon character? Showing quiet support for Japan? Paying fashion tribute to Hello Kitty IN THE BEST WAY EVER? Nobody knows for sure so to those rhetorical questions we say YES. Snooki would want us to.

Want to know who’ll get the crown for next week? Come back here Thursday night to see who’ll get named the next Jersey Shore Style Star. It’ll blow your mind. And ours.

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