Sufjan Stevens Sports Wings, Balloons, Disco Ball

Sufjan Stevens Wings

Sufjan Stevens sports wings during his Brooklyn performance.
Photo: WireImage

Indie artist Sufjan Stevens took over Brooklyn this week with two back-to-back explosively entertaining shows. We attended the Wednesday night performance during the downpour of the freakin' CENTURY, but when we walked away tired, hungry, and soaked there was only one thing that kept our spirits lifted—reminiscing about his INSANE outfits. Sufjan opened the show in a black-lit neon orange and green custom-made jumpsuit complete with a LED light that blinked around his, um, crotch. (Something tells us this placement wasn't accidental.)

But juuuuuuust as we were admiring his glowing erm...package, a shadowy figure came out of NOWHERE with these gorge wings and placed them on Sufjan's back! Even from the nosebleed section, the sheer size and magnitude of these wings was striking, and kind of reminded us of the highly talked about feathers Selita Ebanks sported in Kanye West's "Runaway" video. Sufjan not only wore the wings with admirable ease, but he managed to sing pitch-perfect melodies and noodle on his banjo problem-free. Related: Victoria's Secret Angels have NOTHING on him.

But in pure Sufjan fashion, he was JUST getting the crowd warmed up—his costume changes got crazier as the night (and rain) wore on.

Sufjan Stevens Balloons And Disco Ball

Sufjan Stevens wears head-to-toe balloons and a disco ball ensemble during his Brooklyn performance.
Photo: WireImage

Yeah. Just...just stare at this photo for a moment. Let it all sink in. Sufjan is caught jumping midair wearing head-to-toe balloons with foil accents and TWO pairs of goggles. Yeah. This outfit is purely one-time-use only, and we give his costume crew MAJOR props for reconstructing this night after night. Also, the fact that he's not restricted in what he wears is equally awesome.

When Sufjan slowed it down a bit, he switched up his outfit into this diamond-shaped gold headpiece paired with a foil body bag and (THE BEST PART!!!) a disco ball protruding straight from his belly. And (AN EVEN BETTER PART!!) the disco ball was actually a functioning, twirling ball of reflecting light, which he would spin whenever he was feeling giddy. Uhhhhh-mazing.

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