Nicki Minaj's Space Catsuit Goes On Tour

Nicki Minaj on tour with Britney Spears on August 2, 2011.
Photo: WireImage

There is something about the catsuit that is pure eyeballs-on-fire hotness and it will always be forever a thing that’ll transcend time and trends and just be a go-to when you are looking to melt retinas. But Nicki Minaj doesn’t just do “sexy.” She does Nicki Minaj fierceness, which means that any catsuit she’ll bring to the table will be a totally bonkers creation that will naturally emphasize her assets (duh) and blow our minds (double duh).

Whilst on tour with Britney Spears (imagining that backstage scene alone is making our inner shoe freaks flip out with all the mind-numbing customized Giuseppes and cramazing studded bras floating around), Nicki did a catsuit. But it was a catsuit—get this—from outer space. Space is a thing these days, so Nicki took to orbit with a couple of well positioned (and possibly crystal-studded) external frames, like bling-y exoskeletons that wrap around her waist and shoulders. Hoisted up with some Leelu-From-Fifth-Element leg supports, Nicki took her one-piece to a high concept level with a handful of phenom cosmically themed projections. Strangely, one would think a group of light-refractive spokes encircling a body would be distracting, even busy. But the monochrome suit and the cleverly placed flourishes (in the right spots: shoulders, hips, waist) looks pleasantly futuristic (without being overly space-y).

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